Danby Gathery is an event space and community classroom with a mission of fostering connection and enrichment.



A place to gather.


Most businesses start with an idea first, then seek out their perfect location. Danby Gathery happened in reverse. A beautiful open space, and a desire to give something back to the community became the inspiration, but in what way? After weeks (that at times felt like months) in the idea pool, Danby Gathery was born.

In its former life, Danby Gathery was home to The Danby Market. Property owners Nancy Medsker and Tom Seaney’s attention to detail in this thoughtful renovation continues to exceed the expectations of all who make their first re-entry into the space.  Still referred to as simply ‘The Market’ by many locals, Danby Gathery aspires to become a fixture in the community in its new, present day, incarnation.


The Next Chapter...

It was an excited leap of faith that transitioned Trisha Williams from her 16 year career in Massage Therapy, to opening Danby Gathery. Having grown up a small town girl, the idea of starting a business ‘for the community’ has been a bit of a passion project. Bringing an open mind, and no shortage of enthusiasm to the table, Trisha looks forward to not only networking and building relationships, but to the inevitable personal growth life has a way of offering when we dare to make change.